Story time- just for fun. I have a 2.5 year old. She’s a nut. Today, after her bath, she is running around naked like the little heathen she is, dancing. She likes to do this in front of the mirrored closet bc she is enamored of herself, like most toddlers. Today, my husband asks her if she is a velociraptor (she’s into dinosaurs). She’s kind of shaking her butt and growling. “No dada! Hot dance! Hot butt! Dance!” Awesome. And hilarious. We tried not to react so it doesn’t become a thing.

So, last month, my husband told me I had a hot butt while I was working out and the little parrot who wanted to be like mama decided that she too has a hot butt. Unfortunately, that stuck with her. So, since she likes dancing, and when she dances she shakes her butt-this makes (toddler) sense. But we plan on starting preschool soon bc Daniel tiger has made her depressed that she doesn’t go to school and have friends, and this is going to be super fun to explain to her teacher. Also, I really hope my in-laws never get wind of this bc they are already having a field day with the fact that I am a boudoir photographer and that’s basically porn and “I thought you would give that up when you became a mother.” Ha! Anyways, posting it here bc I think it’s hilarious, and know some of y’all will too.

Anyone have funny kid stories? Something you did as a kid? Please share!

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